Avoid These Tourist Traps in Portugal and Opt for the Wonderful and Unusual Attractions

Looking for something out of the usual among the Portugal tourist attractions you’ve visited? From the world’s oldest bookshop to a chapel of bones, there are always things to do in Portugal beyond the usual sandy beaches and national parks.

Why not stroll along the walls of a castle or in a beautiful Roman city that’s just too awesome to miss?

Visit the ruins, cathedral, and bone chapel of Evora

Evora is a stunning city often touted as glory of Rome’s golden past. You can find various ruins and temples built around the 3rd century. You have cathedrals built in 1204, following the slick baroque and gothic style.

Where to go in Evora:

  • Chapel of Bones
  • Roman Temple
  • Almendres Cromlech Rock Formation
  • Igreja e Mosteiro de São Francisco (another skeleton-line church)
  • Evora Museum with over 20,000 eclectic artifacts
  • Convento a Cartuxa
  • Ancient tomb of the Great Dolmen of Zambujeiro
  • Castles of Ruínas Fingidas, Páteo de São Miguel, and Geraldo

Wonder at its imposing libraries

Onde é a biblioteca? Portugal is known to be a bookworm’s paradise as it’s home to many of the most beautiful libraries in the world. From train stations to hotels, Portugal fills itself with pages and pages of stories.

You shouldn’t miss these libraries:

  • Obidos Literary Man Hotel
  • Livraria Lello, one of the most beautiful libraries in the world
  • Livraria Bertrand, the world’s oldest bookshop in operation
  • Ler Devagar
  • Oriente Station
  • Bookshop Bivar
  • Chiado
  • Biblioteca Joanina

Opt for a day trip to historical regions

Portugal has tons of quaint villages frozen in time, which takes you back to the Middle Ages. And did you know that there’s a vi2llage tucked between rocks? Find out where you can find them!

  • Guimarães, UNESCO Heritage Site
  • Evora, Roman City
  • Monsaraz, see Megalithic monuments
  • Óbidos, for libraries, Roman settlements, and Moorish influences
  • Porto, drink wine and enjoy baroque architecture
  • Sintra, iconic architectural structures by the Atlantic Ocean
  • Tavira, beautiful natural landscapes
  • Coimbra, arts, educational, and cultural hub
  • Aveiro, Venice of Portugal

Brave enough to eat odd Portuguese food

Portuguese cuisine is akin similar to Spanish and Filipino food, but, of course – they’re delectable local delights highlighted by its exoticism and uniqueness. You may find these foods okay to eat, but to other people, it’s super strange and odd!

Are you brave enough to eat these strange foods?

  • Snails
  • Arroz de Sarabulho
  • Morcela
  • Caneja de Infundice
  • Maranho da Sertã
  • Amarante phallic desserts

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