Stay in a boutique hotel in the ancient city of Beijing

Do you want to give yourself a different destination for your holidays to enjoy in this new year that is just beginning? Have you thought about being able to have the experience of knowing closely the millenary Asian culture? If your answer is yes, your first stop should be the capital of the People’s Republic of China or “Capital of the North”: Beijing or Beijing, but no matter how you call them, it is one of four municipalities that, together with the 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 2 special administrative regions, make up this great world power that has so much to offer to those who visit it.

Choosing the best hotel in Beijing

So, when preparing the itinerary for this formidable experience, one must start by choosing Boutique hotel in Beijing that fits your requirements as a traveler. Surely you want to live the most pleasant experience of knowing such a splendid culture of the human civilization and what better to start with selecting an accommodation according to the Chinese culture.

  • Luxury and comfort

To have in mind a lodging that preserves in its design the most representative of the culture and history of this millenary civilization, which promotes an ideal atmosphere of being in nothing more and nothing less than one of the most populated cities of the world, is what every tourist looks for when arriving in Beijing.

Of course, this will depend on the budget foreseen for such an occasion. If you are a traveler who only likes to enjoy the best nothing, like selecting a lodge with the best service and attention, total luxury facilities, decorated with great charm, elegance and a great sense of art and fashion in the best Asian style. In this case nothing like selecting a Boutique hotel in Beijing

  • Location

Another priority when choosing the hotel is its location. That’s why there’s nothing like a hotel located in the very heart of Beijing’s historic Hutong district, next to authentic and legendary places and monuments such as the Forbidden City, the Bell and Drum Towers, and the ribbon of lakes that begins its journey in Beihai Park, just north of the Forbidden City.

  • Customized Tours

Being able to take tours that are particularly individual for each guest and being accompanied by experts who offer the traveler that glimpse behind the historical monuments and important places, and thus reveal some of the best kept secrets and hidden treasures of Beijing is certainly priceles

  • Native Gastronomy

When you have decided to take a trip to an unknown destination and it is certainly a trip that is not usually repeated, it is essential to try the local cuisine. In this case, the country offers a sufficiently varied menu. In this sense, it is necessary not to leave without trying the diversity of Western and Chinese cuisine and its irreverent fusions.

  • Shopping in Beijing

It is necessary to be able to select a hotel in the Chinese capital that also has easy and quick access to the city’s commercial area. We know that time pressure is a factor against tourists with so much to see in the “City of the North” however, the opportunity to bring home so much souvenir offered by the popular Chinese trade cannot be missed