Trussardi clutch and much more

The Italian fashion house, founded in the second decade of the 20th century, more precisely in 1911, Trussard, is a highly recognized firm in the clothing and accessories sector, on a par with other fashion icons of great global importance.

Trussard took its first steps as a manufacturer of leather gloves, and then expanded into other items made from this noble material. In the 70’s Nicola Trussardi, nephew of the creator, took over the business.

Later on in the 80’s the firm expanded its line of articles by producing clothing, as well as pieces in great demand within the fashion world such as perfumes and jeans. By 1990, Trussardi was already supplying international markets, including Japan, in addition to occupying an interesting position in their local market.

New collection of clutch bags

Today, the Italian fashion house has made its presence felt in the handbag and wallet segment. Its modern designs and iconic details are evident in its lines of Trussardi clutch bags, which are characterized by the secure and practical closure that consumers like so much.

In its latest SS20 Collection, Trussardi has created unique capsule models with accessories ranging from the classic shoulder bag, with detachable chain strap, to the most fascinating flat styles filled with lots of glitter and glamour.

An effectively secure closure

A bag of this type is the iconic strapless accessory a woman carries in her hand. It is used to attend parties, events and all kinds of formal meetings. It usually has a small compartment inside used to carry money and small personal items or any other personal item.

The most particular feature of this type of bag is its closing system which is inspired by the clutch union mechanism which allows to join or separate its shafts, through magnets that manage to both transmit and interrupt the flow of magnetic energy in its final action voluntarily. This ensures that the bag is not left open by mistake.

This kind of insurance fits perfectly with any type of bag model in this fashion line, since it offers security at all times by preventing possible theft or loss of personal items without detracting from the style of their designs.

The different materials in which Trussardi clutch bags are made show the very high quality of these pieces that every woman should not miss in her wardrobe. Therefore, even without leaving home and with just one click you can purchase the model that suits you best in a comfortable and fast way in any of the specialized online stores.