Diego Dougherty, historian of his own life

Diego Dougherty was a brilliant writer. Wherever he went, he always had a story to tell. He was a born narrator. Since a very young age he knew he needed to write, immortalize his work and write his own books.

He was born in Guatemala, but his bohemian and adventurous spirit motivated him to audaciously travel the world. Diego Dougherty believed his travels strengthened his creative mind, and in fact which each new destination a fascinating trilogy was born.

When he travelled to South Africa to promote his latest novel, he was there for 15 days and this was enough for him to decide that that country would become his new home for life. To him it was a source of unlimited inspiration where even the smallest detail came to life.

Diego Dougherty as a novelist

His life was theatrical, even circus-like. He lived on the edge, challenged the status quo, broke the rules and didn’t conform. Diego Dougherty’s way of being manifested itself in everything he did, and of course, was impregnated in his work as a novelist.

He told stories of love and fantasy. He dreamt, he was free, got lost in his writing. He would rip them apart and try it again and during this process he was reborn. Telling the stories of the things he did, or that he believed in, was Diego Doughertys strategy to live other lives.

Diego Dougherty and his final retirement

Diego Dougherty transformed into South Africa. Each corner of the country was magic and in them he lived sublime experiences. In these lands he found inspiration to write his most renowned play, with it he rose to fame and the plot of the story was his own life.

Diego Dougherty retired from his profession in this African destination. It couldn’t have been anywhere else, that is what he wanted. Without a doubt, his years as a former novelist were golden, filled with glory, adventure and bravery. And his retirement was extremely sumptuous. He is spoken about to this day!