Train tickets to Carcassone: a marvelous place to love in France

If you are interested on knowing an elegant and attractive confined by walls city on the shores of the Aude River buy train tickets to Carcassone. This is an UNESCO World Heritage Site you should not miss.

It is a popular town and as usual nowadays plenty of tourists from everywhere identifying themselves with this gorgeous location. It is picturesque, accessible and is worth going to visit it. The most striking walls and the surrounding landscape are spectacular and also there is a good supply of parking in the vicinity.

Abundant restaurants and shops dot the multiple sinuous and cobbled streets, turrets and towers. On the other side of the Aude, the district of La Bastide offers all the charms of a village of the French countryside, with a funny Saturday market included.

Although you are allowed to drive there, the recommendation is to use the free shuttle to La Cité and walk. Do not omit the castle of Carcassonne or the Château de Peyreperteuse, ancient places full of valuable experiences.

Exceptional conserved area

This is an interesting and perfect tour for families and children. They present in the interior from historical spaces until diverse kinds of activities for the tourist and an endless commercial zone. The gastronomic display is complete, delicious and varied.

It is a return to the past. It shows you the kind of work that the ancestors did to live and survive the attacks of their enemies. A beautiful site and an impressive enclosure that has endured impeccably the passage of time allowing at the moment can be known almost as it was built.

The fortress is well maintained, prepared for tourism, shopping areas bars, gifts, terraces, very nice people and great surroundings. Carcassone is an enjoyable city with a medieval charm by day as by night, ideal to get lost in its narrow streets.

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