Santo Domingo: The perfect combination between modern and old

Santo Domingo is more than just the capital of the Dominican Republic, it’s a spectacular city located in the Caribbean Sea where the charm of the ancient world meets the modern in an exquisite way. Its Colonial City was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, this part of the capital can be seen by foot and is composed by 16 small streets filled with superb architecture from the XVI century.

Its small streets and peculiar lanterns will lead you to many attractions worth visit, like museums, restaurants and bars that are placed in every street corner, in fact, you can take the Chu Chu Colonial, a train-like ride, where in just 45 minutes you will learn 500 years of history. This ride experience is a must for all the new visitors, whether you’re a foreigner or a native of this town this will be a very nourish activity for you.

The tour includes a visit to these places; the CatedralPrimada de Americana, the Colón Park, the San Francisco Ruins, the National Cemetery, and the House of Nicolás de Ovando, you will also have the opportunity to meet the Museum of the Royal Houses, the Clock of the Sun, theSpain Square, the Church of our Lady of the Mercedes, the Regina de Angelorum Church and more than 30 different historical places like monuments, fountains, shops and more.

This is one of the most populated cities of the Caribbean, its mixture of old buildings, forts and palaces grant Santo Domingo a unique status among any modern city in the world, so prepare to be amazed by all the wonders this city has to offer, from the incredible and beautiful Botanical Garden, to amazing malls where you will find literally everything.

Visit this romantic and ancient city, stay in a Santo Domingo Hotel, take a walk down the pier, enjoy the amazing view of the Caribbean Sea and just relax.