Send money to friends: as easy as pressing a button

Development of computer technology has occupied an important place in traditional fields, for example, medicine and construction. And in regards of currency, one can observe all processes that were previously handled with paper and coins have been digitalized, substituting them partially.

Taking a look at coin history, it seemed this object present in small trades everyday would be the exception of the innovation wave of this century, since its versatility and low fail possibilities. And that was true until recently, when several attempts to develop applications for monetary transfer are being made.

Now, the most repeated inconvenience is that many of them still have the bank as a central axis and the intrinsic utility of those programs should be the ability to work fast and direct, as if handing over bills we possess and receiving change back.

An interesting thing is that in each opportunity a deep modification is performed in something basic, there is a period before public accepts it, because although an advance is supposed to represent advantages, people need time to get used to it. An application that would replace how cash transactions are effectuated does not escape this trend.

A first condition to make it acceptable is that there was a portable device of simple access to the users. This task is currently held by mobile phones, being machines already commonly used. They allow you to trigger a program for diverse actions in a second, like to send money to friends, for instance.

Following challenges that have to be overcome are about security, reliability and compatibility. It is due to physical assets are easy to lose but any modern deal needs to be supported by financial institutions and governments, giving peace to everybody. That way even if we lost the equipment, our heritage would be safe in cyberspace and relaxed our life.

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